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People inspire us—our values define us. We’re passionate professionals anchored in our values to advance health equity and outcomes by delivering accurate infectious disease testing in the moment of need, at the point of care.

Dream Big

We are daring, brave and imaginative in our pursuit of the next big idea. We inspire each other to color outside the lines.

Share Your Screen

We are proactive and transparent in our communications to foster an inclusive working environment that leads to good decisions. We ensure everyone’s voice is welcomed and heard.

Build Trust

We are open, honest and ethical with everyone and in everything we do. We lead with courage to succeed and fail, and celebrate learning from both.


We are deeply committed to those we serve…our customers, patients, colleagues and shareholders. We express gratitude for the opportunity to make an enduring impact.


We commit to win with speed, excellence and good sportsmanship. We hold ourselves and each other accountable for delivering our best results.


Team Talis Biomedical combines depth of experience with the passion to deliver a pioneering solution to rapid point-of-care testing.

Our key areas of expertise
  • Molecular biology and chemistry
  • Bioinformatics/ assay design
  • End-to-end platform engineering
  • Microfluidic chip technology
  • System integration and scale up

Opportunity Awaits

If you are an exceptional scientist, engineer, or businessperson who wants to work in an exciting and collaborative environment, we want to hear from you!

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Our Company

Built on a foundation of world-class science and engineering, Talis Biomedical is dedicated to advancing health equity and outcomes through the delivery of accurate infectious disease testing in the moment of need, at the point of care. We strive to create deliver excellence in diagnostics to help combat the spread of infectious disease.

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1375 West Fulton Market
Suite 700
Chicago, Illinois 60607


+1 855 956-3594

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* Testing solutions are currently in development and not available for sale.

* †The Talis Biomedical One Test System is not authorized, cleared, or approved by the FDA and is not available for sale.