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Lab quality results
at the point-of-care

Get COVID-19 results you can count on, right when you need them.

The power of Talis Biomedical One™ molecular testing

The Talis Biomedical One COVID-19 Test System delivers actionable, lab quality answers at the point-of-care, enabling you to quickly and confidently diagnose patients – in minutes, not days.

Lab quality answers, right where you need them

As we combat this pandemic, it has become clear that high sensitivity tests can detect infection sooner and help in getting the virus under control.1,2

The Talis Biomedical One COVID-19 Test boosts confidence in clinical decisions by providing lab quality results at the point-of-care.

Healthcare providers can access accurate results at the point-of-care, in less than 30 minutes, promoting peace of mind for patients.

The Talis Biomedical One COVID-19 Test System is a sample-to-answer, diagnostic solution makes it easy to adopt rapid molecular testing in diverse near patient settings.

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Talis Biomedical is built on a foundation of world-class science and engineering to empower healthcare professionals and the communities they serve with access to fast, accurate, and convenient testing at the point of care. We excel at delivering high-performance diagnostics that make real-time results and peace of mind accessible to all.


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The Talis Biomedical One COVID-19 Test System is for use under Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) only. For In Vitro Diagnostic (IVD) use. For prescription use only.