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Excellence At The Point Of Care

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Lab-Quality Results Without the Wait

The Talis One point-of-care instrument is designed to maximize health outcomes in the face of infectious disease threats. By enabling fast, accurate, lab-quality molecular diagnostic testing to be performed in a variety of healthcare settings, the Talis One can deliver reliable test results when and where they can do the most good, e.g., when testing persons with symptoms consistent with COVID-19, whether or not vaccinated, unvaccinated persons for contact tracing efforts, unvaccinated persons exposed to someone with a confirmed or suspected case of COVID-19.

Talis One Point-of-care Instrument
  • Streamlined sample-to-answer workflow
  • Designed for use in CLIA-waived settings
  • Large data storage capability
Talis One Test Cartridge & Consumables
  • Delivers results in < 30 minutes
  • Conveniently stored at room temperature
  • PCR-like sensitivity/specificity profile enabled by on-cartridge nucleic acid extraction and purification
Dedicated Talis One Customer Support
  • Access easy-to-follow troubleshooting resources
  • Quickly move from receipt of instrument to clinical testing
  • Optional comprehensive support with management, and remote troubleshooting

Access lab-quality testing in an easy-to-use point-of-care instrument.

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Diagnostic Testing that Doesn’t Delay

Capturing the complexity of a central lab test in an easy-to-use point-of-care device, the Talis One’s sample-to-answer workflow makes it easy for healthcare providers to offer patients the accuracy of lab-run tests without the wait.

Confidently diagnose

Quickly triage

Efficiently deliver care

Streamlined Workflow that’s easy to run

The Talis One workflow takes you quickly and efficiently from sample-to-answer.

Label with patient ID:
Barcode or handwritten

Add specimen to cartridge

Insert cartridge into instrument

Central lab quality in a cartridge

Each test is self-contained in a unique, single-use cartridge that enables a fast sample-to-answer workflow.

The cartridge contains a high sensitivity solid-phase, extraction-based nucleic acid amplification test (NAAT) that enables you to:

  • Minimize cross-contamination and promote safety
  • Get clear, unambiguous results in less than 30 minutes
Solid phase DNA/RNA extraction matrix
Sample port
Real-time Fluorescence Detection
Sample metering and measuring
Purified RNA actively mixed with Master Mix
Self-contained cartridge

System software* that fits your needs

The simple plug-and-play setup of the Talis One point of care testing instrument means you can move quickly to clinical testing once you receive your system.

An intuitive touch screen interface walks the user through the testing and reporting process. Upon completion of a test, the Talis One delivers clear and actionable results.

Store and access up to 10,000 tests results

Network printing capability

Built-in modem for additional connectivity and cloud applications

Cloud software for device management

*The Talis One System Software is in development and currently not available for sale.

Unrivaled Customer Experience

The Talis Customer Success Team is dedicated to maximize the value your organization will get from your Talis One experience. Getting you the right answer at the right time is our top priority.

  • Online self-service articles
  • Chat live or connect with an agent
  • Email, phone & text support directly
  • Upgrade to comprehensive instrument setup and management

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