Talis One™ Instrument

Molecular Test Technology
Designed for the Point of Care

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How it works

The Talis One workflow takes you quickly and efficiently from sample-to-answer.

  1. Label with patient ID.
  2. Add specimen to cartridge and insert into instrument.
  3. Report results in < 30 minutes.

Lab-Quality Results Without the Wait

The Talis One point-of-care instrument is designed to maximize health outcomes in the face of infectious disease threats. By enabling fast, accurate, lab-quality molecular diagnostic testing to be performed in a variety of healthcare settings, the Talis One can deliver reliable test results in under 30 minutes with the Talis One COVID-19 Test System.

Talis One Point-of-care Instrument


The Talis One point-of-care instrument delivers rapid, reliable, and accurate, lab-quality diagnostic testing results across a variety of CLIA-waived care settings.

Talis One Consumables


The Talis One Nasal Mid-Turbinate Collection Kit in the Talis One COVID-19 Test System stabilizes viral RNA and inactivates viruses.1 Each single-use cartridge contains a highly sensitive, solid-phase nucleic acid amplification test (NAAT). 

Dedicated Talis One Customer Support


Our Customer Service support team is happy to help answer your questions.

Solid phase DNA/RNA extraction matrix

Sample port

Real-time Fluorescence Detection

Sample metering and measuring

Purified RNA actively mixed with Master Mix

Self-contained cartridge

Central lab quality in a cartridge

Capturing the complexity of a central lab test in an easy-to-use point-of-care device, the Talis One system:

  • Enables a fast sample-to-answer workflow
  • Offers patients the accuracy of lab-run tests
  • Provides clear results in less than 30 minutes

System software that fits your needs

The simple plug-and-play setup of the Talis One instrument means you can move quickly to clinical testing once you receive your system. 

Our intuitive touch screen interface walks you through the testing and reporting process. Upon completion of a test, the Talis One delivers clear and actionable results. 

One system, multiple applications

With access to lab-quality molecular diagnostics at the point of need, clinicians get timely results for actionable decision making. In the future, our portfolio of point-of-care diagnostic tests will include solutions for multiple disease states in a variety of settings.

Urgent Care

Urgent Care Clinics can provide critical services allowing for testing and treatment of COVID-19 patients.


Pharmacists can play an important role in providing access to point-of-care testing and treatment for COVID-19.

Long-term Care

On-site COVID-19 testing for long-term care residents, healthcare personnel, and visitors is key to controlling the spread of COVID-19 infections.

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    The GenBody COVID-19 Ag Test and the Talis One COVID-19 Test System are for use under Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) only. For In Vitro Diagnostic (IVD) use. For prescription use only. Talis is an authorized distributor of the GenBody COVID-19 Ag test.

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    *Additional testing solutions are currently in development and not available for sale.


    1. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/wuhan-novel-coronavirus-guidance-for-clinical-diagnostic-laboratories/wuhannovel-