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A complete, quality solution

The Talis One™ solution is designed to ensure lab-quality accuracy, a simplified workflow, and dedicated support teams that work with you for an excellent point-of-care testing experience.

Talis One
  • Sample-to-answer design
  • Designed to operate in CLIA-waived settings
  • Designed for cloud connectivity to enable easy results sharing
  • Results in < 30 minutes
  • Room temperature stable consumables
  • Built-in nucleic acid extraction and purification
Customer Support
  • Dedicated Talis Customer Success Team
  • Access to troubleshooting resources
  • Streamlined timeline from delivery to clinical testing

Access lab-quality testing at the point of care.

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Diagnostic Testing that Doesn’t Delay

The Talis One solution is designed to maximize the customer experience. Our end-to-end solution streamlines adoption and implementation so healthcare providers can offer patients the accuracy of lab-run tests without the wait.

Confidently diagnose

Quickly triage and treat

Drive efficient clinical practice


Our simple, sample-to-answer workflow enables a seamless testing experience.

Label with patient ID:
Barcode or handwritten

Add specimen to cartridge

Insert cartridge into instrument

A powerful assay to pinpoint answers

Our high sensitivity solid-phase, extraction-based nucleic acid amplification test (NAAT) enables you to:

  • Minimize cross-contamination and promote safety with a single-use, self-contained reaction cartridge.
  • Get clear, unambiguous results in less than 30 minutes with a fast, sample-to-answer workflow.
Solid phase DNA/RNA extraction matrix
Sample port
Real-time Fluorescence Detection
Sample metering and measuring
Purified RNA actively mixed with Master Mix
Self-contained cartridge

The Talis One Covid-19 Assay

High-sensitivity SARS-CoV-2 testing is critical for earlier optimization of patient management and improved infection control and prevention efforts. The Talis One COVID-19 Assay, with its integrated solid-phase nucleic acid extraction, provides rapid and highly accurate testing so you can provide safety and peace of mind to your patients.

Get started on your own lab-quality answers with the Talis One COVID-19 Assay.

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